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Code samples and walkthrus from Telerik Developer Evangelist , C# MVP, and international speaker, Chris Eargle. This team project is also used to incubate classes and ideas that do not have a home in other projects.


C# Ninjitsu
C# is no longer a purely object-oriented language. It is no longer just an imperative, class-based, component oriented discipline. It is also a generic, declarative, functional discipline. I will introduce new principles in the context of the classic object-oriented and SOLID principles and show you how to master the C# language to be more declarative, more fluent, and more functionally cohesive.

Secrets of a .NET Ninja
In my years developing C# applications, I have seen techniques both good and bad. I will demonstrate those that are good, rant against those that are bad, and reveal those unknown to many. Whether a novice or a seasoned coder, you will find something useful, or perhaps even wicked, that you can do with C# and the .NET Framework.

Demos Include: Alternatives to Out and Ref parameters, LINQ without IEnumerable<T>, Access Base Privates, Correct Struct Creation, and how to instantiate a class and get another in managed code.

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